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Crystal of Mu

Seven Crystals of Mu have been created and they are incredibly rare. They hold great power for the Friz of Soul brand and have been gifted to those who were the first to purchase the unique Friz of Soul merchandise drops which sold out. 

The purpose of creating the Crystal of Mu is to reward early supporters of the Friz of Soul brand. NFT technology allows us to see who supported the Friz of Soul brand early on by viewing who owns the earliest NFTs. It’s my mission to continue to give back to early supporters as the Friz of Soul brand grows over time. 

Holding a Crystal of Mu will get you a free NFT from the upcoming Friz of Soul NFT release. It will also provide continued benefits in the future.

Where Does The Crystal of Mu Come From?

I love Lemurian crystals and the favorite crystal in my collection is the very same Lemurian crystal shown in this NFT. I feel a really strong connection to this crystal. I took a video of the crystal and went through several layers of editing to create this art. What you see in this NFT feels like a piece of me that expands into the universe.

Lemurian crystals are thought to come from an ancient civilization called Lemuria also known as Mu, thus the name Crystal of Mu.

How To Claim Your Crystal of Mu

1. Send me your ETH address if you bought one of the sold out exclusive drops. That is all you need to do. If you don’t already have a crypto wallet, follow the next steps. 

2. Setup a MetaMask wallet by going to and downloading their chrome extension. Make sure to do this on your computer not your phone. MetaMask is super user friendly and walks you through the process which takes about 10-15 minutes.

3. Copy your MetaMask wallet address and send it to me (Friz of Soul). You can find your address here: 

4. After I send you your Crystal of Mu, go to to view your NFT collection on OpenSea.

5. Sign in to your OpenSea collection by clicking “Profile” and then connecting your MetaMask wallet to the website:

6. The Crystal of Mu will show up in the Hidden section of your collection at first. To move it to your public collection click the three dots on the NFT, select “Unhide”, and then click “Unhide” again in the bottom right and sign with MetaMask to confirm.

7. Your Crystal of Mu will now be shown publicly in your OpenSea collection. You have created a crypto wallet and have an NFT collection as well!

Congratulations on being a Crystal of Mu holder. I am extremely grateful for your support and will continue to give back to you for being a supporter!