Open Doors

Friz of Soul


Friz of Soul, founder of the music television platform Open Doors (link ‘Open Doors’ to, is an electrifying new artist to be aware of. Bridging alternative music with electronic dance music, Friz of Soul has a lineup of singles with an album ready for release in 2021. Friz of Soul is a featured artist on Audius and has had #1 global trending electronic releases on their platform which currently has 4.5 million monthly active users. Friz of Soul’s signature sound comes from his voice touching on deep topics of consciousness through his atmospheric vocals on his productions. The Friz of Soul brand is a new and unique experience which has been seen through selling out his first merch drop in less than an hour, releasing cinema 4D video teasers for his music, producing a movie (link ‘a movie’ to with his music television platform, and sharing his experience of his self-driven 24 hour meditation. 

INTERESTS: Mindfulness, Crypto Technology, Design, People

Genre: Alternative Dance

Location: Los Angeles, CA

From: Seattle, WA




Last updated: July 11, 2021