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Friz of Soul

∆ As Above, So Below ∆

Release Schedule

4/23/2021 – Lion In The Clouds
5/14/2021 – Set Me Free
6/4/2021 – I Need You (w/ Stephen Henry)
6/25/2021 – Destination Unknown 
7/16/2021 – Wake Up
8/6/2021 – Wide Awake [FULL ALBUM]
8/6/2021 – Beautiful Skies
8/6/2021 – Evaporate Bhodi
8/6/2021 – Hello Goodbye
10/15/2021 – In Our Thoughts (w/ Sacrosanct)
11/5/2021 – Secrets

To Get Done

1. Complete Release Schedule
2. Create Covers
3. Prepare Ad Videos 
4. Create Social Media Schedule

Social Media Schedule

The Plan

With the next wave of releases I’ll be releasing under a new name. This is to have a fresh start on Spotify to begin running ads and to have a clean slate for Spotify algorithms. It will also help with SEO and general searchability since there is no ‘Friz of Soul’ anywhere currently on the internet. Keeping Friz in the name allows me to benefit off of the previous Friz brand. Friz of Soul will be focused on what I love, exploring consciousness and being kind to others.

Ad Strategy

Use Instagram ads as an introduction to the funnel. Bring traffic to the Friz of Soul Instagram through ads. Then once new potential fans are on the page, make the instagram a place that can convert explorers to real fans. Instagram highlight section, have merch where I offer free stickers and bracelets, put a meaning behind bracelets, have t-shirts and hoodies, spread messages of souls/consciousness and let people know these are only my beliefs and feelings. Make the music easily heard/available. 

1. Create a playlist on the ‘Friz of Soul’ Spotify account
2. Run Monthly Ads – IG ads for every release that directs traffic to the Spotify playlist by promoting my newest release
3. Release once per month
4. Put my two most recent releases at the top of the playlist, and then similar popular songs for the rest of the playlist to grow playlist followers and release streams 

Instagram Highlights Section
– Releases
– Music
– Merch
– Messages
– Art 
– Shows

Upcoming Releases

Wide Awake [Album]

In Our Thoughts


Friz of Soul || Look Book

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