Open Doors

How to Setup Your NFT Collection

1. Setup a MetaMask wallet by visiting and downloading their chrome extension. Make sure to do this on your computer not your phone. MetaMask is super user friendly and walks you through the process which takes about 10-15 minutes.

2. That is it! Now you’ll be able to collect NFTs and you have created a crypto wallet.

3. To receive NFTs you’ll need to send people your wallet address. You can copy and paste your wallet address by clicking on the area with the red circle below. This is your wallet address which is fully public.

Note: Your seed phrase is different than your wallet address. Never send your seed phrase to anyone for any reason or they will be able to access your crypto wallet. 

How to View Your NFT Collection

4. After you have been sent an NFT, go to to view your NFT collection on OpenSea.

5. Sign in to your OpenSea collection by clicking “Profile” and then connecting your MetaMask wallet to the website:

6. The NFT you were sent will likely show up in the Hidden section of your collection at first. To move it to your public collection click the three dots on the NFT, select “Unhide”, and then click “Unhide” again in the bottom right and sign with MetaMask to confirm.

Note: Sometimes people will send you random NFTs in an attempt to gain access your account. If you do not know where an NFT came from, leave the NFT in your Hidden section and don’t touch it, sell it, or move it.¬†

7. Your NFT will now be shown publicly in your OpenSea collection. You have created a crypto wallet and have an NFT collection as well!