Open Doors

Open Aux


Open Aux features artist’s video influences from selected artists with respected styles.

Once a week, a new artist takes over the Open Doors home page by putting together a YouTube playlist which is looped and streamed live on the home page of the Open Doors website for the full day.

Social media posts are made on the Open Doors accounts for each airing of Open Aux on the day of the show.

What's Needed

All we need is a YouTube playlist of videos for us to loop, and a headshot for us to create social media assets.

The YouTube playlist can be however short or long you want since we’ll be looping it. Whatever you want to display on the home page of Open Doors is up to you! This can be all original content, songs from other artists that inspired you growing up, your favorite live sets you’ve watched, or your favorite music videos. 

Please make sure to leave the YouTube playlist as “public” or “unlisted” so that we can stream it.

Email the playlist and headshot to