Open Doors

Friz of Soul Releases Single "Lion In The Clouds"

Friz of Soul’s highly anticipated single “Lion In The Clouds” was released the same night as his debut show at Avalon Hollywood. Friz of Soul recently rebranded his artist project from Friz to Friz of Soul which will feature sounds of house, dance, alternative, and techno music. Friz of Soul is also the founder of Open Doors, a 24/7 music television website that has hosted streaming events such as VMF, Spectrum, Neon Oasis, All Together, etc. with over 20,000 total viewers visiting their Twitch channel.

“Lion In The Clouds” has been released this past Friday and will have an official remix competition hosted with Audius next week with over $500 in winnings. Alongside this rollout, Friz of Soul will also be dropping a limited edition merch collection including a 1 of 1 Friz of Soul tapestry. His previous merch drop for his debut single last month sold out within the first hour.

“This song symbolizes to me pulling inspiration and confidence from higher powers of the universe. With all of my recent music I’ve been touching on deep themes relating to consciousness and my beliefs about our existence on this planet.”