Open Doors

Friz of Soul Releases Single "Wake Up"

Friz of Soul’s highly anticipated single “Wake Up” comes out June 25th debuting the next evolution of his artist project. Friz of Soul is an LA-based producer that graduated from Icon Collective and has since been working to perfect his sound. He recently rebranded his artist project from Friz to Friz of Soul which will feature sounds of house, dance, alternative, and techno music. Friz of Soul is also the founder of Open Doors, a 24/7 music television website that has hosted streaming events such as VMF, Spectrum, Neon Oasis, All Together, etc. with over 19,000 total viewers visiting their Twitch channel.

“Wake Up” will be released June 25th along with an official music video made by Cole Emery. After being accepted for an Audius grant an official Friz of Soul remix competition is being hosted with over 500 $AUDIO in winnings along with other prizes such as a brand new Ledger hardware wallet and a potential official release. Alongside this rollout, Friz of Soul will also be dropping a limited edition merch collection including a Friz of Soul journal. You can check out the official visualizer here:

“This song was created when I was experimenting using my voice after taking vocal lessons. I pulled inspiration from alternative and indie music while wanting to use dance music sound design and drums. The vocals are a reflection of being consumed by emotion while having the realization that feelings come from thoughts in your head. The removal of thought leads to clarity and this realization was my “Wake Up” moment which I share in this song through my vocals. After creating this song in a single session I became incredibly inspired with the new sound I produced leading to the creation of Friz of Soul and a catalog of stylistically similar productions.”

“Wake Up” Cover Art